Welcome to the RMRC !

the far distance listeners club (DX-club)


Hello friends !

Reception of long-distance broadcasts is our hobby and regarding to this we have a lot of activities here at the RMRC:

- we have club meetings nearly every week in the Rhein-Main-area
- we are publishing the RMRC-Aktuell, our club-magazine with information about DX and media
- we are publishing the QSL-Calendar every year
- we are producing our own shortwave broadcasts on special topics
- we are producing our Medienmagazin (a media magazine) which is distributed on shortwave and via webradio
- we organize visits to radio stations and studios on an irregular basis.

You will find more information about the RMRC and its activities by using the menu on the left side. Have fun while browsing through our website !


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RMRC Termine


link zu radio360

Hier findet Ihr jetzt sämtliche deutschsprachigen Sendungen als Podcasts zum Herunterladen.

Die beiden hobby- bezogenen Radios findet ihr weiterhin unter Web-Radio.